About My Urban Garden Design Project

Hi, I'm Julie, and I have a thing for flowers. Garden design is one of my hobbies (I also crochet and play ukulele) when I'm not at my day job.

This website exists to document the long process (10 years and counting) of having a beautiful front garden and a private back yard that has zero traditional grass. Lucky for me, I have a small urban footprint. The entire property is 25 feet across the front and 100 feet back, with an old house crashing the middle. I'm learning as I go, taking community education classes at CCAC and gardening courses at Phipps

Current State

In 2017, I removed the grass from my front yard by hand. I divided my perennials to fill the space where the grass was, mulched it, then loaded it with tulip and daffodil bulbs. The second phase of the front garden project will be to add more groundcover plants a few shrubs so that there's something interesting to look at in the winter. 

In spring 2018, I started removing the grass in the backyard. To to do this, I'm solarizing, and it's currently spending the summer under a sheet of 6mm black plastic. I have big plans for the back - trees, shrubs, flowers (flowers, and more flowers) and a private spot to hang out that I refuse to call a she shed. 

So, stick around to see how it goes. Failure and triumph will all be recorded here! 


Julie with a paperbark maple at Hershey Gardens

Julie with a paperbark maple at Hershey Gardens